WATCH: Bank Robbers Wrapped in Tin Foil Caught on Security Cameras

A pair of bank robbers in southern Brazil thought they had a bright idea when the decided to use aluminum foil to disguise themselves during a heist. Apparently the duo decided to cover themselves in the foil in an attempt to circumvent the bank’s alarm system and stop it from triggering an alert.

Their scheme nearly worked! While they were successful in avoiding the alarms with their makeshift “invisibility” covers, they forgot about the security cameras. The pair definitely didn’t succeed in avoiding the bank’s extensive surveillance camera system.

Security staff saw them and immediately notified local police. Police sent an armed response unit, which caused the pair to flee the scene.

They left behind blowtorches and other burglary implements.

While police continue to search for the pair, who have not yet been identified or found, authorities were able to find and arrested a third man believed to be their lookout.

According to reports, the bandits did not get away with any cash.

Authorities in Brazil have released images of the men, taken from security cameras, in the hope of someone recognizing and reporting the pair.

The unidentified would-be robbers may have fled in a white sports car.

See their crazy disguises in the video above.