WATCH: Motorcyclist Gets Tossed in the Air by a Car, Walks Away Like a Boss

Getting hit by a car is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a motorcyclist.

We’ve all heard tragic stories of such accidents ending in horrific injuries or even death, but for one lucky man this wasn’t the case.

Michael Smith was crossing a Florida intersection on his motorbike when a car made an improper left turn and ran into him, sending him flying through the air. The dramatic moment was caught on tape and shows the cyclist tumbling through the air and then landing on the ground. Surprisingly, however, he stood right up and walked off like nothing even happened. If there was ever a time to throw out the annoying term, “like a boss,” this would be it.

The footage is incredible to watch and we love how he handled the situation but what’s even better is watching him recall the situation. This guy is probably one of the coolest, most collected cyclists we’ve ever seen.

Check out the video above.