WATCH: Black Girl Punches White Girl for Calling Her the N-Word

We’re not sure if the white girl in the video has any real claim but it seems that the meat of the fight between these two girls is that the African-American one is on the other girl’s family property somewhere in Oklahoma. Apparently, the white girl threatened to “blow [her] head” off if she didn’t leave — but that was before cameras began rolling.

What we actually hear is Aleyah, the African-American girl who appears to be a teenager, saying, “Are you running up?”

When the white (unidentified) girl responds, “No, N****r,” all the problems start.

A friend or acquaintance of the pair of girls fighting keeps filming even after the white girl practically gets knocked out. And Aleyah keeps serving up punches.

After this incident, both girls took to Twitter, where Aleyah said the police weren’t after her, since the “threats were made by [the other girl] initially.”

Aleyah also claimed the girl was older than her, even though she was far smaller.

On twitter Aleyah wrote: “I personally do not condone violence but I can not stand back while I along with my culture is disrespected.”