WATCH: Boy Is Devastated When He Finds Out Beyonce Didn’t Show Up to His Dentist Appointment

I’ve had my wisdom teeth pulled and happily have no idea what went down on the heavily-sedated drive home afterwards. People say some pretty embarrassing things after they’ve been put under with a lot of medication, and sometimes ignorance is bliss. But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to see the hilarious–and maybe a little embarrassing–meltdowns that other people have had after the tooth-pulling procedure.

That could be why parents have started filming their post-extraction kids on the medicated ride home from dental surgery. We’ve seen some of these videos go hugely viral–for example the girl who demanded sex with Ryan Gosling, that one kid totally whacked out of his mind, or the post-wisdom teeth ice bucket challenge.

This latest video might be the most hilarious one yet. Cody Lanphere of North Carolina might not be too happy to find out that his mom posted a video of him for the world to see, because it shows him in total devastation after he finds out that Beyonce isn’t there for him after his surgery.

The teen, his mouth full of gauze, asks his mom where Beyonce is, and then gets the heart-breaking news that she never never showed up.

“She lied to me, mom,” he wails to the camera.

His mom, Christine Livingston, posted the video on YouTube and said “This is my 17-year-old son who just came out of dental surgery. He had his wisdom teeth removed. He is upset because his idol Beyonce never showed up.”

You can watch the full 12-minute video of his ride home here.