WATCH: Boy Says He Won’t Miss His Mom During First Day of School

Sending kids off to their very first day of school is hard for any parent, but this heartwarming video might make it just a little easier.  It reminds us that it’s not just hard on mom and dad, it’s tough for the kids too!

This is by far the cutest video you will see today.

Andrew Macias, 4, is starting his first day of pre-kindergarten at City Terrace Elementary School. When the news reporter at KTLA5 asked him if he would miss his mother, he confidently answered, “no.”

Moments later, as he tries to contain himself, he starts to tear up and cry. Off-camera, he received a big hug from his mother.

This little macho man definitely did his very best to put on a brave face for the world.

Watch his full reaction in the video above.