WATCH: Brad Pitt Kills Zombies in World War Z

Two exciting things have been in the news lately: zombies and Brad Pitt.

After watching him in a perfume campaign and designing pricey furniture, it is finally time to see Brad Pitt step into the world we want him in: The one where he looks good killing zombies, and not the one where he designs furniture a movie ticket can’t buy. The official trailer for his upcoming zombie epic World War Z hit the Web today although mutterings of reported problems with production had us questioning the release.

Superstar Brad Pitt plays Gerald Lane, a husband, father of two, and United Nations researcher watching the apocalyptic end of humanity via a ravenous super-fast-running army of zombies. Lane accepts a mission to search for the origin of the plague that caused this dark evolution, reminding us of Will Smith’s role in I am Legend.  There are explosions, helicopters, guns and uncanny music that has us excited about the most expensive zombie venture in Hollywood.

The $180 million movie will be out in June of 2013, after undergoing numerous rewrites, disagreements, reshoots and an extremely bumpy production process.

But it has steamy Brad Pitt killing zombies so we don’t really mind. Let us know what you think!