WATCH: Brave Kayaker Rescues Squirrel from Dangerous Flood Waters

Missouri has faced an onslaught of flooding in the new year, leading many people to evacuate to higher and dryer grounds for the sake of safety.

One man in a kayak was braving the inclement weather, paddling through the flood waters when he came across something small swept up in the flood waters and struggling against the dangerous current.

A small squirrel was desperately trying to make it to safety, and it was looking grim for the little guy.

Fortunately this brave kayaker was not one to leave a creature in need, and decided to help the little squirrel to a safer place.

He happened to get the whole thing on camera too.

The video was posted to YouTube along with the caption:

“I saw this little guy jump and try to swim for a bigger tree for safety, but the current was just too strong. You can see him jump from the tree in front of me and start swimming but the current was quickly pulling him downstream.”