WATCH: Brutal Fistfight at McDonald’s Drive-Thru After Worker Drops Customer’s Change

The footage of a fight that broke out through the drive-in window of a McDonald’s has gone viral. It was reportedly captured by another customer on Monday at a McDonald’s in Northeast Minneapolis, U.S.

The customer who filmed the incident said:

I hadn’t eaten much since lunch time, and I was driving by a McDonald’s , so I thought I’d just swing in and pick up a Big Mac. At first I was annoyed the guy in front of me was taking so long, he seemed pretty upset to begin with. It looked like when the McDonald’s guy handed him his cash and change back he dropped some of the dude’s change. That’s when he got out of his car, spit on the drive through window and tried to punch the McDonald’s [worker] and that’s when I started recording.

In the clip you see the customer attempting to drag the worker with the clumsy fingers out of the window, while the worker batters his attacker with punches to the head.

Another worker tries to pull her colleague back in while he’s beating on the customer. She threatens to call the police just as the customer lays down and starts throwing kicks at the worker’s head, screaming: “I’m going to f**k you up!”

Wonder if that guy’s Big Mac was cold after all that.