WATCH: Bull Knocks Out Matador’s Front Teeth with its Horn

Andres Roca Rey is a 19-year-old bullfighter, who had a very unlucky day during a bullfight in Guadalahara, Mexico recently.

Things don’t go well for Rey during the event. Not only did the bull attempt to gore the matador, he managed to flip him over. During the flip, the bull stuck his horn inside bullfighter’s mouth, knocking out his front two teeth.

Even before Rey got his teeth knocked out, he kept getting knocked down.

The bullfighter was taken to a local hospital for treatment and medics said he had been lucky not to have suffered a more serious injury.

Doctors put provisional implants into Rey’s mouth to prepare the tissue for his new teeth, which are due to be put in place within the following weeks.

Meanwhile Rey told local media that he is anxious to participate in his next bullfight due to take place on November 29 – in order to rebuild his reputation.

For people who love to see a graceful matador, this video will not please, but for who despise bullfighting and bullfighters, this is the best karma video.