WATCH: Bully Harasses Homeless Man, Gets Instant Karma

WARNING: There is graphic language and violence in this video and it is not intended for all audiences. Please use viewer discretion.

This video starts off with the camera person filming an obnoxious guy taunting a homeless man by getting in his face and demanding his name.

The frightened homeless man eventually shuffles off, leaving us feeling really bad for him. Then steps in our hero: the guy in the yellow shirt.

Our hero doesn’t even have to try very hard to avenge the bully who should be scared but is not. It doesn’t take just one punch to knock him out unfortunately, but he keeps getting up for more. Why? Because he’s not very smart. Smart people don’t harass the less advantaged and they don’t keep mouthing off to someone who already knocked them on their as* once.

The lesson behind this story is that homeless people are usually defenseless. People who mess with folks who can’t stand up for themselves are cowards who deserve to be knocked the f**k out!