WATCH: Burglar Falls Through Ceiling While Trying to Rob Restaurant

Chalk this up to another “only in Florida” story.

Thirty-year-old Justin Grimes got the bright idea to rob the Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet in Daytona Beach, Florida, and his plan seemed to come straight out of a movie. At approximately 6:00pm, Grimes brought a ladder into the men’s restroom, cut a hole in the ceiling and intended to crawl his way over the restaurant. His end goal was the building’s main office where the cash was kept in a safe.

The only problem? He got lost along the way.

As the surveillance footage in the video shows, Grimes crawled over the main dinning room where loose ceiling tiles started to break away and fall to the ground. Suddenly, Grimes himself landed on a weak patch and came tumbling down on a restaurant patron.

The best part? He initially tried to casually walk away from the landing, but was held down by employees until the police arrived. Grimes initially told police he wasn’t trying to rob the restaurant, he was trying to hide from a woman. The authorities didn’t buy Grimes’ story, and he was charged with burglary of an occupied structure.

The above image shows what employees found after entering the men’s room. According to WESH, there were broken ceiling tiles, dangling wires and a pair of shoes on the floor.