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WATCH: California Freeway Road Rage Attack Caught on Tape

The California Highway Patrol is now investigating a road rage incident that was caught on tape. The footage shows a driver get out of his car on a freeway and attack another motorist.
The footage was first posted to LiveLeak before it made its way to YouTube and made the rounds on the web, which caught the attention of authorities.
Apparently the incident occurred on the 134 Freeway near Glendale in Southern California over the weekend. The footage lasts for nearly three minutes and shows one car driving erratically in and out of lanes, eventually stopping in front of a Jetta. The driver then gets out of his car, and attacks at the driver of the Jetta before returning to his own vehicle and driving off.
Authorities have since identified the driver as Dikran Gligoriu, who reportedly had three children with him in the car at the time of the incident.
“This type of behavior is unacceptable,” said CHP Officer Edgar Figueroa. “We understand that it is frustrating to be in traffic, but you cannot take out your anger on anyone else.”
According to reports from KTLA, Gligoriu has not yet been taken into custody, but it is likely that assault charges will be filed.

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