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WATCH: Can These Pants Burn Calories and Slim Your Waist?

Have you ever wished you could get more out of your workout clothes? Imagine if clothing was actually a part of your workout! Now, that is finally a possibility, thanks to some yoga pants that claim to help you burn more calories.

The SweetFlexx pants were created by McCullough Shriver, a man from Connecticut with a fitness dream.

The pants are designed to give you a little extra workout as you walk and move around in them, claiming that they burn an extra 30 to 40 more calories per half hour that you wear them.

Apparently it works by bands in the pants pulling against your muscles, forcing your muscles to work just a bit harder in the opposite direction. The extra exertion is believed to also pay off by shaping the wearer into a smaller waistline.

The pants are available in sizes for both men and women, and retail for $98.

According to reports, they are patent-pending and manufactured in California.

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