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WATCH: Cash for Gold Scammers Caught on Security Camera Getting Completely Owned

People will do just about anything to make some quick cash, including scamming pawn shops by trying to sell off fake jewelry as the real thing.
Thankfully for this jewelry appraiser, he was able to catch the scammers before handing over the cash. The entire incident was also caught on the shop’s security camera.
When the guys walked up to the counter to see how much they could get for some gold jewelry, it was tested to check the karat, weight and value. After being told that they could get $585 for the items, they said that they were just going to go somewhere else but then changed their mind.
But before handing the jewelry back through the window, it was swapped out with fake gold in hopes that it wouldn’t be re-tested. Of course, they were wrong.
Once the appraiser figured out what they were trying to do, he completely owned the con artists trying to rip him off.
Although it was a nice catch, these guys probably get away with stuff like this all the time.

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