WATCH: Cat and Window Cleaner Become Friends in Hilarious Video

This video was filmed by Rina Takei, who is the owner of the cat believed to be called Guinness. Apparently, Guiness loves his the monthly visits from the window washer, who seems to have a good sense of humor about his furry friend on the other side.

 “My adorable cat really likes the window cleaners,” Rina told the Daily Mail. “He eagerly looks forward to meeting with them when they come once every six weeks.”

In the clip Guiness is seen running along the window and following the window cleaner’s every move, mimicking as best he can. Guiness chases after the man in the harnass and even attempts to swipe away the soap he leaves behind on the glass.

The window cleaner seems to enjoy Guiness’s company as he dangles from the high rise. You can see him laughing and waving to the cat before tapping the glass in a circular motion with his wiper. Again, Guiness mimics the window washer and hits the glass with his paw, as if attempting to grab the wiper. Guiness even jumps up at the window and chases the man, who continues on with his job before descending to the window below.

Truly adorable!