GONE VIRAL: Cat Fights Back Gigantic Alligator [WATCH VIDEO]

When we saw this video making the rounds on Facebook this week, we knew we needed to post it for you. The video of Mugsy was originally posted in 2010, made the rounds in 2012, and looks like it’s making a come back this year as well. Here’s the description posted on the owner’s YouTube page:

Mugsy, the bravest–or most foolish–cat you’ve ever seen, takes on a hungry gator (Cajun Pride Swamp Tours, LaPlace, Louisiana).

Even though the American alligator can weigh up to 800lbs and grow to 13 feet, this cat just stares down that creature as it creeps up onto the shore for some food, then beats it back in a way that’s kind of mind-blowing. But it did raise a big question among us: Who lets their pet cat face off against a giant alligator and film the whole thing like it’s a fun Sunday outing and not worry for the feline’s life?

Turns out, “cat fights alligator video” is a common search term on Google and YouTube, and there are a bunch of these videos online. None of the owners seem to be as worried as we were when we started watching. Why is that? While we’re no zoologists, as you’ll see in Mugsy’s video above, it appears that the alligator needs to turn its head slightly to see what it’s doing and get a bite in. These agile cats know enough to stay in front so that the ‘gator can’t get a clear visual, but can be solidly hit (with claws, presumably).

That said, we have no plans to take our company cats down to the swamp to see how they compare. Kylie Meownogue and Meowley Cyrus would no doubt try to cuddle with the alligator rather than fight them off. We’ll leave those battles to Mugsy and company.

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