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WATCH: Cat Saves Little Boy From Attacking Dog

This is the most amazing video. It came out a while back, but thanks to Facebook Memories it’s making the rounds again — going viral all across the web as we speak.

A little boy, riding his bike in front of his house, gets attacked by a neighborhood dog. The animal viciously yanks the young child from his bike, dragging him a few feet on the ground… when the boy’s cat jumps into the fight to protect the boy, and sends the canine running. The boy’s mom is there a second later, but if it hadn’t been for that amazing cat, who knows what injuries the boy would have suffered.

Initially, we thought this was faked footage. But between the news report above, which was compiled by security camera footage, and the note from Bakersfield’s 23ABC that they are interviewing the family, it all looked pretty legit.

The cat is named Tara, by the way, and according to local Bakersfield news, the boy suffered minor injuries that required some stitches on his leg. The dog was taken under observation, but there hasn’t been a follow-up since.

Watch the security footage below.

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