WATCH: Catholic Priest Caught on Camera Snorting Cocaine in a ‘Nazi Room’

WARNING: Video depicts drug use and is not suitable for all readers.

A Catholic priest was caught on video snorting what seems to be cocaine, while allegedly surrounded by various Nazi artifacts and memorabilia. Fr. Stephen Crossan has now taken a leave from his position at St. Patrick’s Church in Banbridge in the Northern Ireland.

The incident, which is believed to have occurred in July 2015, has gone viral this week on the web.

In the footage he can be heard saying “I shouldn’t,” before snorting a line of white powder through a rolled up bank note.

Although it’s not as clear in the video above, the Sun on Sunday reports that he also had various Nazi relics around at the time.

He claims that he was on sick leave at the time, due to depression and was even seeking counseling services.

It is believed that the incident took place in a room of his house and on church grounds. It is not known how or why he has a collection of Nazi artifacts, although 37-year-old Crosson defended himself saying that he makes a habit of collecting historical items from every country he visits.

According to the BBC report, Crosson is no longer living at the parochial house on church grounds.

See what happens in the video above.