WATCH: CCTV Captures the Ghost of a Little Girl Inside Closed Restaurant

The footage you see above of a young girl running through the Vestry restaurant in the Chapel music venue in San Francisco was captured at 5am on Halloween. In the clip, she appears to be running for the door before turning and heading off camera. This happens moments after a janitor locks the doors, after finishing his shift of cleaning up from the night before.

The footage captures the restaurant after it was closed, and the terrified janitor said no girl had come in with him. There was also no one found inside when the doors opened again.2DFEEE6100000578-3298640-image-a-55_1446343063833

This isn’t the first time the people who work at the Vestry have reported seeing spirits and paranormal activity in this historic location. In fact, the video was taken in what used to be the embalming room of the Gantner-Maison-Domergue Funeral Home, above the basement where the bodies used to be kept.

In the past, employees have reported hearing a little girl whisper, smelling perfume, faucets turning off and on without assistance. They’ve also reported hearing footsteps. It is specifically the green room that is rumored to be haunted. Some employees refuse to enter the room at all.

According to Camille Ives, the Chapel’s Marketing and PR Manager, staff members had ‘no explanation’ for the little girl who is seen in the video.

If you’re looking to find out who this figure is, a ghost-hunting TV show just received approval to begin filming at the Chapel sometime in the near future. Maybe then we’ll know more about this freaky little girl.

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