WATCH: Classic SNL ‘Sweeney Sisters’ Sing a Christmas Medley

It was 26 years ago when Saturday Night Live introduced a sketch featuring The Sweeney Sisters. Liz and Candy Sweeney were two nightclub singers (or wanna be nightclub singers) played by Nora Dunn and Jan Hooks, respectively. Every time they made an appearance, the duo would somehow find the opportunity to perform a new version of their lounge act. These were usually genius renditions of famous songs interspersed with dramatic, brief asides, all the while maintaining that supper club sensibility.

Oh, and their medleys always included the first two lines of “The Trolley Song” (“Clang, clang, clang went the trolley…”), followed by a string of insane scatting. In these medleys, the last word of one song often segues into the first word of the next.

Back story done. Here’s a clip from a Christmas episode featuring Star Trek‘s William Shatner. It’s not only a great display of this duo’s amazing talent, but it’s also fitting for the holidays. Sadly, we couldn’t find a clip on Hulu– we’re assuming it’s a music rights issue– so forgive us for the poor quality video. But even though the footage may be grainy, the music will warm your heart.