WATCH: Clerk Uses Fire Extinguisher to Teach Thief a Lesson

It all started when a robber attempted to grab money from an 8-months-pregnant store clerk. When she recoiled and turned away to protect herself, the assailant pursued, jumping over the counter and attempting to pry the cash from her. Nearby employees rushed to help, eventually wrestling the robber to the ground. That’s when the store manager approached with a fire extinguisher and used it to pummel the man as he attempted to get up off the ground. Raising the fire extinguisher over her head like a mallet at a carnival bell-ringing game, she brought it down with all her might against the robber’s back at least five times, causing him to fall back to the floor repeatedly.

It was only when a customer hopped up on the counter to stop the manager that she finally backed off the would-be-thief. “Had that other gentleman not jumped on the counter to stop me,” the manager said in an interview to the local news station, “I don’t know that I would have stopped.” This isn’t the first time that the manager has had run-ins with robbers either. According to the manager, this was the third time that a robbery has been attempted while she was working behind the counter. “I just want to let them know that we’re done. We’re done with people like that coming in and taking from us.”

Needless to say, that thief will think twice before trying to rob that gas station again. You can watch the heated brawl in the video above.