WATCH: College Professor Does Unthinkable for Single Mother of Two During Finals Week

A college professor in Kentucky is getting a ton of online praise after a photo of his selfless act towards one of his students has gone viral.

Monica Romero told BuzzFeed News she is a single mom of two kids, and also an Army ROTC student at the University of Louisville. She is now attending school to finish her bachelor’s degree and to finally become an officer.

She was due to arrive at school to take her final exam for her military history class, when her babysitter cancelled at the last minute.

Stressed and desperate to still take her final, Romero asked a friend and classmate what she should do. Her friend told her to take the kids with her, so that’s exactly what Romero did.

She brought along a laptop and tablet to keep the kids entertained, and left them in the halloway while she tried to sit for the final inside the classroom.

However—as young kids tend to do—they started getting restless and bored almost immediately, and started making noise and looking for their mother.

Romero said that she went outside to quiet them, and realized her professor was following her out. She was worried he would ask her to leave, but instead he did something amazing.
Dr. Daniel Kreps sat down with the kids and told Romero “Don’t worry. Go take your test. I’ve got them,” according to the shocked mother.

A classmate snapped a picture of the professor babysitting the youngsters and shared it on social media, where it has gained a lot of attention.

Krebs maintains that he didn’t do anything so remarkable to deserve all of the spotlight.

He told ABC News:

“A person like Monica, she’s a non-commissioned officer going to school, she’s a mom of two kids. I mean that’s the kind of thing that’s really impressive. Me handling her kids for 40, 45 minutes, that’s not impressive.”