WATCH: Comic-Con Costume Catastrophe from College Humor

Okay, we admit it, this may be a bit too much of an “in joke,” but it’s definitely funny enough to share.

This weekend is Comic-Con International in San Diego, and the folks at College Humor decided to take the Inuyasha by the ears and address cosplayers at the event. Cosplayers are the guys and gals who dress as costumed characters from anime, comics, science fiction, video games and related pop culture, and they certainly help create part of the fun fan spirit at these conventions. They’re also an interesting breed of fans unto themselves, and if you’re ever wondered what it’s like to be a costumer at a convention, or what it’s like to chat with one of them, this may give you an idea.

Yes, it’s exaggerated, but having sat through a panel (or 10… okay, more like 1000) at Comic-Con over the years, we can tell you that it’s not that far off the mark. Check it out.