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WATCH: Cops Pull Over Drunk Driver with Entire Tree Stuck to the Grille of Her Car

A cop in Roselle, Illinois got quite a surprise when they had to deal with a drunk driver who had apparently struck a tree, and kept on driving—complete with the entire 15-foot tree still stuck in the grille of the car.
Dashcam footage from the Roselle Police Department shows an officer confronting 54-year-old Maryann Christy on the side of a local road.
She reportedly told the officer that she did remember hitting the tree, but couldn’t remember where. Air bags in her vehicle had deployed.
She was given—and failed—a series of field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving under the influence. She was also cited for driving with an “obstructed window.”
That might just be the understatement of the year.
The incident occurred just a few miles from Christy’s home, according to reports.
Photos that were taken at the scene of the arrest have since gone viral online after Roselle Police posted them to the department’s Facebook page.
Honestly, we’re just impressed the car was still functioning enough to drive with a 15-foot tree sticking out of the front.
This is your friendly reminder: Don’t drink and drive.

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