WATCH: Could This Foul-Mouthed Talking Parrot Serve as a Murder Witness?

We’ve never heard of a parrot being entered as evidence/testimony for murder, but that’s exactly what could happen with an African gray named Bud.

Bud has been mimicking a new phrase that many believe could be his owner’s last words before being shot to death.

“Don’t f*cking shoot,” is what Bud won’t stop saying, ever since the fatal shooting of his owner Martin Duram. 45-year-old Duram was found shot and killed next to his wife, Glenna, who survived with a wound to the head.

At first Glenna Duram was presumed to be a victim as well, but police have begun to suspect that she murdered her husband in a murder and attempted suicide.

Martin Duram’s parents believe that Bud, who picks up everything he hears, remembers what happened and is recreating Duram’s last moments with the phrase.

Now investigators are asking prosecutors if the parrot can be used as evidence moving forward. A decision has not yet been made.

Get the full report in the video above.