WATCH: Couple Successfully Clones Dead Dog, Gets 2 Puppies

We all love our pets. Losing a beloved dog or cat is very much like losing a family member because that’s exactly what a pet is, a family member. But how far would you go to bring back your deceased pet?

Well, a British couple recently spent $100,000 to have their deceased dog cloned into a little Boxer. The history-making puppy was born just two weeks after Laura Jacques and Richard Remde’s dog, Dylan, died of a brain tumor.

The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea placed the late dog’s DNA inside a surrogate. The couple was there for the cesarean birth as the foundation called it a miracle. A second cloned dog of Dylan was born naturally on Monday.

cloned pups

Yes, the grieving parents of their beloved dog now have two puppies with the same exact genetic code as Dylan. And are these pups cute!

What made this couple spend a small fortune to bring Dylan back into their lives, so to speak?

“When it happened I was in total shock, I couldn’t feel my limbs,” Jacques told reporters. “I had pins and needles everywhere. I didn’t know how I would be able to cope, I thought I would have to throw myself off a bridge or something.”

Below, you’ll see a diagram from Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which explains the process:


What makes Dylan’s cloning special is that sample DNA was taken from the dog 12 days after he died. Usually, the South Korean company, which claims to have cloned more than 700 dogs before Dylan, takes the sample right after death.

As for Jacques and Remde’s new babies, the first cloned puppy was named Chance, after the character in the Disney classic, “Homeward Bound.” The second puppy, Shadow, was born Sunday. Both pups look just like Dylan.

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A British couple just spent $100,000 cloning their beloved dog Dylan after he died from a brain tumor.

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