WATCH: Couple Doesn’t Notice Armed Robbery Because They’re Too Busy Making Out at the Bar

Surveillance footage from a bar in Billings, Montana shows two oblivious lovebirds making out passionately, completely missing the fact that there is an armed robbery going on behind them.

The incident was one of three reported robberies in the Billings area that day. The robbers, who have not yet been caught or identified, were able to make off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The whole thing went down at the Tap Inn and, according to reports, the thieves even took the tip money.

Footage shows the unaware couple sitting at the bar, while a bartender with his hands up backs away from one of the suspects who is brandishing a gun. They walk right by the couple, who doesn’t notice.

The robber grabs cash from the register, coming within feet of the amorous couple, and the intruders leave.

One thing is for certain, this smooching couple probably wouldn’t make the best eyewitnesses in this case.

Authorities believe that the bar robbery is linked to the other robberies in the area—the two other robberies that day took place at a Casino Royale and a convenience store.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them by phone at (406) 657-8200.