WATCH: Couple Surprises Daughters with Newly Adopted Brother Under the Christmas Tree

The pure and unbridled excitement of surprises under the Christmas tree came early for one Texas family this year. Courtney Solstad shared on Facebook the moment she and her husband surprised their three daughters with their newly adopted baby brother, Nathan.

Courtney said that the girls were very excited about the idea of adopting a brother, and one of them even asked for a baby brother for Christmas this year.

The girls had no idea that baby Nathan was arriving home though, so the Solstads decided to hide him under the Christmas tree and filmed the girls’ reactions.

“We met them at the door and told them we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share,” said Courtney. “…and it was under the tree!”

Their reactions are everything you would hope for, and more!

baby nathan under the tree

One immediately bursts into tears of joy, the other can’t stop jumping up and down from the excitement and the third—very stunned—daughter even says “I’m gonna wet my pants!”