WATCH: Crazy Russian Dashcam Accidents That Will Make You Feel Like a Good Driver

Weird things happen when you try to drive in Russia. It kind of looks like driving there is just about using cars to play a big, icy game of ‘Chicken.’

Apparently it’s so hard to drive anywhere in Russia without a bizarre accident of some kind happening, that most Russian drivers record the roadway from the dashboard of their car.

Apparently the reasoning behind this was originally to have video evidence to protect themselves against false insurance claims if their vehicle was involved in an accident. But now with lots of compilation videos available on YouTube, this entertaining footage mostly just makes us feel better about our driving skills.

The endlessly entertaining phenomenon of dashcam footage from Russia is nothing new. Videos of these sorts have gone viral before, and continue to recirculate.

However we never get tired of seeing these outlandish videos of roadway accidents that go terribly, terribly wrong. It’s truly a mesmerizing experience to watch some of these compilations.

Check some of the most unbelievable Russian dashcam accidents in the video above.