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WATCH: Creepy ‘Child Ghost’ Manifests in Delighted Man’s Home

Would you be happy to host a ghost in your home? Apparently, one man in Japan, who goes only by Masahiro, is very delighted to have this ghost child visit him.

In Japan, child ghosts are called zashikiwarashi and are thought to bring good luck to the people who can see them manifest.

Zashikiwarashi typically take the form of five or six year olds. According to folk legends, these young apparitions are usually thought to bring families good fortune. However, they can also cause mischief. It’s kind of like paranormal Russian Roulette.

Masahiro captured his visiting zashikiwarashi on camera and captioned the video:  “Succeeded in recording a zashikiwarashi on video! Those of you who see this will be lucky… maybe.”

Let’s hope that all of us watching this creepy video will have some good luck this year!

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