WATCH: Creepy Video of North Korean Kids Playing Guitar

When we first saw this video in 2013, we weren’t sure how we felt about these kids. Did we think they were creepy or cute?  We admit they appear a bit robotic in their performance styles. We wonder where are their little personalities?

Obviously a lot of folks who saw this video on Youtube thought something was amiss. Check out the video first, see what they say below, and then let us know what you think.

Check out these comments from YouTube:

Lee Hume: All kids from the great and noble Leader no doubt. All in one night, all different moms. Wow. It’s good to be a Nobel Leader.

Nafiz Elgun: This is cool and all but look how synchronized and perfect they look. almost like robots. They were obviously forced into learning and probably have severe consequences if they mess up and don’t look happy. It saddens me to know that the result of what you hear from this and see is by fear. Music is and should be a form of expression fueled by passion, not by fear. So in other words, not cool…

jumpmomongaable: If you know What’s happening in North Korea, you would think its creepy. For those little poor children, failure is not allowed. They will be tortured if they fail in public occasions. Sometime that means their death.

BigDamm211: To get a kid to become that skilled at that Age, is to pressure it into spending most of it’s time practicing, which is defenitly not a pleseant childhood. I am sure that they have a great fear of failling, and that at their Age! Their childhood was taken from them. But in North Korean Terms they are ofcourse better of than most People because they dont face starvation.

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