WATCH: Curious Cat Caught Opening Drawer

This was one of the most popular viral videos we’ve ever posted, and it was so good that we had to bring it back: The Curious Cat Caught Opening Drawer.

While there are tons of videos on YouTube featuring¬†cats opening drawers, what made our grey-haired kitty so loved by readers was the guilty look on his face when he realizes he’s being filmed, and then his reaction afterward.

The video originally got pulled down, so we have the news report above that features the feline story. But, after some digging, we found a new version of the unedited YouTube video below that might be more fun to watch since it doesn’t include commentary.

If you’ve never seen it, then it’s a must-watch event. And if you have, he’s worth a second shot. Either way, we think it’s high time you check out this adorable kitten as he gets caught red-handed.¬†His big, black apologetic eyes will get you smiling in no time!