WATCH: The Cutest Mother’s Day Fail Ever Recorded on Video

Breakfast in bed is one of the sweetest ways to make mom feel loved and appreciated for Mother’s Day and presumably millions across the globe celebrate the mom in their lives with this sweet gesture.

For one family in Bowling Green, Kentucky, however, the execution wasn’t as smooth as they had hoped for. Two little cherub-cheeked boys, shirtless and adorable, tried to serve mom breakfast in bed. As the dad recorded the two carrying what looks like oatmeal and fruit to bed, the older brother managed to drop the fruit bowl he was carrying not once, but two times. As a solution, he just picked up the fruit and put it back in the bowl to get it rinsed. We love his endearing “sowee, dad” apologies.

Not quite as visible but equally as cute, the younger brother can be seen eating what’s he’s carrying in the background.

Watch the adorable fail in the video in the news clip above and in full below.