WATCH: The Cutest ‘Sesame Street’ Moment Ever

Of the many cutest Sesame Street videos out there — and God knows there are a bunch of them — this one could quite possibly be the most adorable one we’ve ever seen. Here’s why…

Entitled “Cookie Monster Alphabet” (from Episode 0536), also known as “Kermit and Joey Say the Alphabet,” our favorite frog teams up with a cutie patootie to recite her ABCs. However, Joey keeps adding Cookie Monster in as one of the letters, giggling with the kind of pure delight you can only witness when a child is having great fun. Kermit becomes frustrated from this teasing, and eventually leaves, but Joey says three magic words that bring him right back.

And her interaction with him at that point melted our hearts.

As we said, many people label different clips the “Cutest Sesame Street Videos” — and to them it may be true. But this one is so sweet, so pure of heart, that we found ourselves giggling along with Joey, and then tearing up at the end when she offers Kermit a little affection. Check it out below.

Is this one of your favorites? Do you have another Sesame Street moment you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below!

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