WATCH: Dad Catches Son From Falling Out of a Roller Coaster Seconds After Seat Belts Break

One heroic dad with fast reflexes saved his son’s life on a roller coaster, in a heart-stopping moment seconds after the seat belts give out during the ride. The six-year-old boy is about to fall out of the roller coaster car, but fortunately his dad is there to save the day.

The whole, terrifying thing was caught on video.

It shows the little boy’s smile quickly turn to terror after the seatbelt holding him in place fails. His dad quickly reaches over, picks up his son and his able to hold him in place until they return safely at the end of the ride.

The whole thing went down at the Wonderland amusement park in Amarilla, Texas. The duo have been identified as Delbert Latham and his son Kaysen.

They were on a ride called the ‘Mouse Trap’ and Latham was recording on his cell phone, before everything went wrong on the big dip.

According to reports, the issue with the ride has since been fixed.

See everything in the video below.