WATCH: Death-Defying Hero Saves Toddler from Four-Story Drop Out of a Window

In a video that will get your heartbeat racing, a man in China is filmed heroically saving a toddler from a terrible four-story fall out of an apartment window. Video shows the man, identified as 42-year-old Wang Baocheng by People’s Daily Online, balancing dangerously out of a window.

The young girl was hanging by her head from the bars that covered the window of Baocheng’s neighboring apartment. Baocheng can be seen clinging to the building with one hand, and using a broom to reach the girl and keep her propped up with the other.

Thankfully, reports say that the little girl was safely brought back inside after spending about 10 minutes stuck on the ledge. It is believed she did not sustain any injuries—aside from a major fright—in the incident.

Apparently she was locked home alone at the time, and somehow climbed over and out of the open window and slipped through the bars of the burglar grill.  Her head caught her and prevented her from falling the four-story drop to the ground, however had Baocheng not acted quickly, she could have suffocated to death.

Panicked neighbors gathered, but failed to break into the apartment to get to the child. That’s when Boacheng thought to use the neighboring window and a long broom to keep the girl propped up. Another neighbor had to hold onto his legs to keep him steady on the ledge for the 10 minutes, until the girl’s parents returned and lifted the girl back inside.