WATCH: Deep Sea Diver Never Returned, Then His Friends Discovered His Camera

WARNING: The video clip below depicts death and may be disturbing and upsetting to some. This footage is not for the faint of heart, or those easily spooked.

Professional diving instructor Yuri Lipski knew that the Blue Hole –and underwater sinkhole off the coast of Egypt in the Red Sea—had claimed many lives and is fraught with danger. In fact the 314-feet-deep hole, despite being a popular spot for free diving, claims at least two lives on average every year.

The site is heavily regulated but that doesn’t prevent deaths from occurring and it certainly didn’t stop Lipski from attempting a dive.

On April 28th, 2000, the Israeli-Russian diving expert took the plunge into the abyss and never returned.

Hundreds of feet below the surface, nitrogen narcosis set in causing him to become disoriented and he lost his life.

When fellow divers went to retrieve his body, they made a shocking and incredibly chilling discovery.

When Lipski embarked on his dive he’d brought a helmet camera with him. The camera had been running the whole time, and Lipski had accidentally filmed his own final moments and tragic death.

This footage is haunting, and not for those of a sensitive constitution. It’s difficult to imagine those horrible last moments, all alone and enveloped in the dark depths.