WATCH: Did This TSA Agent Go Too Far During 10-Year-Old Girl’s Pat-Down Screening?

Vendela Payne is a 10-year-old girl who was recently flying with her family from Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina, to her home in San Diego, California. Vendela and her family were just hoping to clear security quickly, in time to make their flight, when they were flagged for extra screening.

It turns out that Vendela had accidentally left a Capri Sun drink in her carry on bag, and was pulled aside for additional screening.

What happened as a result of that screening has reportedly left Vendela traumatized, and her father, Kevin Payne is outraged.

Payne said that his daughter’s extra security screening by a TSA agent was excessive and inappropriate for a child her age.

He said the extra screening, which took nearly two minutes, involved a pat-down of his daughter’s entire body. He said that the screening would have been appropriate for an adult female, but not for a 10-year-old girl.

According to the agency, children are supposed to receive a modified pat-down procedure, but Payne says that the method used on his daughter did not look modified at all.

“I just kept it as calm, cool, compliant as possible,” Payne told the San Diego Union Tribune. “Deep down I was absolutely fuming, but I knew letting emotions out was only going to worsen the situation for everybody.”

See the full report in the video above.