WATCH: Diesel, the Bulldog, Finds a Cardboard Box & the Rest Is Hilarious

Bet you thought only kitties had a thing for boxes, didn’t ¬†you? Well, this English bulldog, named Diesel, loves the cardboard box he found so much that even though he can’t see a darn thing with it blocking his view, he won’t let go of it with his teeth.

You can hear his owner cracking up while calling his name. But no, he won’t drop the box and go to her. He prefers bumping into walls, the car and everything that is in his cute way. You even see him fall off the curb at one point. He resembles a drunk person were it not for the box in front of his face.

Diesel is one determined pup. He gets angry when his owner tries to pull the box out of his clamped jaw. But we gotta hand it to him. He’s going to keep going, with the beloved box in his jaws, and there’s no stopping him — not even after he bumps his head a hundred times.

Immediately after this whole funny situation started up, Diesel’s owners knew this video would make it on the Internet, and they were right. Enjoy!