WATCH: Disturbing Time Lapse Shows Cockroaches Being Born

There’s no avoiding cockroaches. We’re not kidding.

With more than 4,000 species across the world, you can run and spray Raid all over your house, but you can’t hide.

These things multiply faster than you may know. In a lifetime, one female cockroach can produce up to 1 million eggs.

This time lapse video of roaches being born will seriously give you the creeps.

Did you know that a day-old baby roach can run just as fast as its parents? Neither did we. We most definitely don’t want to imagine being chased down by an entire swarm of these. It’s surely the stuff nightmares are made of.

In just as little as 36 days, newborns become disease-spreading adults. Oh yeah, and they can live for about a week without their head.