WATCH: Do You Think This Muslim Prank Went Too Far?

The Internet has always been a place to showcase all things funny. Maybe a Christmas prank on your grandparents or a silly prank on your significant other.

Youtube User, That Brown Nerd, may have taken things a lot too far with what he calls the “Siri Bomb Prank.”

In light of the recent terrorist attacks occurring all over the world, pranks such are not being taken lightly.

He posted the video explaining exactly what his prank entails. He wrote, “I have Siri on a Bluetooth speaker connected to an iPhone. Then Siri counts down to insinuate it is counting down a timed bomb. This is the Siri bomb prank.”

The responses he gets in his comments section are mixed.

User Zuzuzz wrote, “Now you made a bad name for Muslims.”

Another user micky248 wrote, “Why cause fear and prove/re-enforce stereotypes?!? Waste of talent and time. So disappointed!!!”

Other users such as Kostas Sterling and Archie Gresham III wrote, “It’s just a prank bro,” and “Hilarious! I literally had real tears!”

Watch a similar prank here.

What do you think of these horrible pranks? Watch the full video and let us know your thoughts down below.

That Brown Nerd, a Youtube User decided to prank some people dressed up as a Muslim. He used his phone’s Siri to m… in First to Know’s Hangs on LockerDome