WATCH: Doctor Reveals the Secret to Calming a Crying Baby in Seconds

Parents and non-parents alike have always struggled with calming down a crying baby. A pediatrician from Santa Monica, California has provided a technique to instantly do the trick.

Dr. Robert Hamilton has just shared his technique with the Internet and he calls it, “The Hold.”

He simply folds the baby’s arms across his or her chest while grasping the baby’s bottom with his other hand. Then, he holds the crying infant at a 45-degree angle and rocks up and down. Throughout the entire process, he suggests gently shaking the child’s bum back and forth.

The video, which was posted on Youtube, shows Dr. Hamilton engaging in his technique with two different babies and they are instantly calmed.

It already has over 2 million views and the view count continues to soar.

Watch the full video down below and always be the hero whenever a crying baby is around!