WATCH: Doctors Perform First Uterus Transplant in the US

Doctors in Cleveland, Ohio have successfully performed a groundbreaking uterus transplant on a 26-year-old woman. The operation was the first of it’s kind to happen in the United States.The woman, who says she was deemed infertile at the age of 16, said she has prayed for the chance to give birth for the last decade.

The uterus was donated by a woman who had died, and is the first of 10 transplants that doctors hope to conduct as a part of a clinical trial on the procedure.

A uterus transplant is a revolutionary new option that, if successful, could help women who were born without a uterus, who who lost their uterus due to disease.

The surgery lasted for nine hours, and is still considered to be experimental.

Although the first of its kind in the United States, other countries have attempted the transplant and succeeded. In Sweden there have even been successful births of five healthy babies reported as of 2014.

Some possible complications from a uterus transplant are similar to the risks of other organ transplants, including the fact that some bodies might reject the new organ tissue. Additionally, patients must take strong medications that suppress the immune system, exposing them to more potential complications due to illnesses.

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