WATCH: Does This Footage Show a UFO Hovering Over the Moon?

Every few weeks there is a new conspiracy theory about a government cover-up of UFOs and aliens, but the latest one is mind-blowing.

NASA footage from the 1969 Apollo 12 mission has been recently causing controversy, especially among UFO enthusiasts.

Some UFO hunters believe the images and footage show a UFO hovering over the moon. Others say the strange lights in the video are proof of a secret U.S. government spacecraft. Specifically, this latter group of people think the video exposes a surveillance aircraft developed by the U.S Air Force.

To add even more mystery to the footage you see above, there have been numerous reports of similar crafts flying above Antelope Valley in the deserts of California.

While this video has gone viral, not everyone buys the idea that the triangular arrangement of lights is indicative of extra-terrestrial life. Some people argue that aliens would be far more advanced than to use lights that would cause people to dictate their movements.

We’re just not sure what to think!