WATCH: Dolphin Retrieves Woman’s iPhone from the Bottom of the Ocean

Teressa Cee, a dancer for the Miami Heat, was on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean to go swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas. She handed her iPhone to a friend to hold onto while she took a dip in the ocean, but her friend accidentally dropped it off the edge of the platform and into the water.

Ender a dolphin named Cacique, who became a hero and a viral internet sensation. The dolphin sees the phone drop and quickly dives to the bottom to retriever it, bringing it up and handing it to Cee.

Now that’s a clever dolphin!

Cee posted the video to Facebook with the caption:

“We were filming on this floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So, against my better judgement I asked someone to hold my phone for me and he accidentally dropped my phone into the water and it sank to the bottom.

Cacique, the dolphin, actually retrieved my phone and brought it back up to me. Cutest thing ever!”

Let’s just hope that Cee has her phone insured against damage, or at least had a strong water-proof case protecting it.

Check it out in the video above