WATCH: Dolphin Catches a Wave Alongside Pro-Surfer

Professional surfer Soli Bailey was surfing the waves off the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia when a dolphin dropped in to show him how the locals do it.

Don’t be surprised. It’s their neighborhood, we’re just playing in it.

The area is actually known for having shark-infested waters, so the surfers were more likely worried about a visit from Jaws than they were Flipped. But, in the video above, you see the 19-year-old pro react quickly after seeing the dolphin shoot from the barrel of the wave he was riding.

“It was definitely a shock and unexpected,” Mr Bailey told Daily Mail Australia. “Luckily I grew up in crowded surf, dodging him wasn’t much different to dodging someone’s head.”

Check out the footage above. We’ve included a screen cap below so you can see it more clearly.