WATCH: Driver Cuts Off Motorcycle & Gets Instant Karma

Who doesn’t hate being cut off by an impatient driver who should just deal with not being in the front of traffic? It’s always rattling when a car zooms over out of nowhere and cuts you off, even when it doesn’t amount to an accident. It gets your heart racing nonetheless.

It’s impossible to guess why drivers do stuff like this on the road, but it’s especially dumb when they do it to motorcyclists who are totally exposed. It’s not hard to bump a guy off a bike and kill him if you’re doing all sorts of stupid things out of impatience.

Well, in this video, the driver of the car that cuts off a motorcyclist get his due. His car totally spins out. Yeah, he deserves the scare — we can only imagine how many unexpecting folks he’s cut off in the past with his awful driving antics!

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