WATCH: Elderly Dog Collapses with Joy When Her Owner Returns from the Army

Nothing illustrates the timeless bond between a pet and its owner quite like the emotion and joy of homecomings after an extended separation. That’s what happens in this video, that shows a 13-year-old dog named Buddy collapse into her owner’s lap and cry with happiness when she returns from Army training.

Buddy suffers from arthritis and deafness, and reportedly showed signs of depression while the 21-year-old Ohio woman was away for basic training in the army.

Private Hannah Foraker had been away since September, and told Buzzfeed News that it was the longest she’d ever been away from home.

“I’ve lived a very sheltered life. To have to leave to go to another state alone in a stressful environment like basic training was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said Foraker. Fortunately, she had the love of her best friend Buddy to great her when she arrived home for her two-week break.

According to Foraker, the dog now has a new bounce to her step and is markedly more active and happy since she’s returned home.

Check out the heartwarming video in the clip above. You may want to have some tissues on hand—you know—just in case someone starts cutting some onions while the video plays.