WATCH: Elderly Woman Physically Pulled from Train for Singing Spiritual Hymns

Emma Anderson Yanked from Train for Singing Hymns

Emma Anderson, 82, of Miami-Dade, Fla., was physically pulled from a stopped train after a security guard told her to stop singing well-known spiritual  hymns. The entire incident was filmed by a Metro-Dade Transit rider.

As revealed by the video, the train security guard told Anderson to stop singing multiple times. When she failed to heed his command, he began pulling her bag. Unwilling to let go, the elderly woman was then yanked off the train. This angered many observers.

In response to the episode, the Metro-Date released the following statement:

“Ms. Anderson’s singing was causing a disturbance to other passengers and impeding important train announcements from being heard. We regret that Ms. Anderson had to eventually be escorted out, but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by the rules associated with using transit.”

According to ABC News, the Anderson family has hired an attorney and will be pursuing legal action.