WATCH: ‘English Spider-Man’ Dangles off 325-Foot High Crane Over City

We’ve talked before about images taken from dizzying heights, but so far, never a video like this one.

James Kingston didn’t earn the nickname the “English Spider-Man” for nothing. So far, he’s scaled London’s South Bank Tower and backflipped on top of a Ukrainian bridge, but he’s outdone himself this time.

His latest death-defying stunt sees him visiting Bangalore in India, where he climbed to the peak of a 325-foot high crane in the center of the bustling city. But even that wasn’t enough — he hung from the top of the crane, one-handed and unharnessed.

Lucky for all of us too terrified to pull such a stunt, he caught it all on video for our viewing pleasure. The video contains some terrifying footage alongside some breathtaking wideshots of a bustling city seen from high above.

The 23 year-old is a professional free-runner who has set the personal goal of scaling all the world’s tallest structures and documenting it. He knew exactly what he was doing once he arrived in India.

“The first thing that I did after landing was to have a look out of the hotel window and take in the scenery,” he said. “You just couldn’t miss it. I think it was a hotel construction site and that crane just stuck out.”